Together We Are Building a Legacy

Thank you to our many generous Charter Members, Sponsors and In-Kind Donors!


Campaign for Special Gifts

Names of these Charter Members will appear on individual bronze wall plaques to be located at the new Fresno Aquarium’s Main Entrance:

Arthur Dyson, AIA – Conceptual Design
JFJ Farms, Inc. – Aquarium Site
James A. McKelvey, Esq. – Legal

Robert L. Bennett, Jr., M.D.
Teresa Blanco
Bart, LaVonne, Rory and Taylor Borcherding
Frank A. Borges & Associates
Blue Sky Digital, Inc.
Broege Construction
Builders Concrete
Nick and Tessa Cavalletto
Dennis and Laura Daugherty
Gene and Dannielle Diaz
Thomas H. Downing, D.D.S.
DYK Incorporated
David, Yvonne, Zack, Eric and Jen Eagleton
Nona Flemming
Fresno Tractor
KH Construction
Beth, Doug, Heather and Shannon Kirkpatrick
Kroeker, Inc.
KSEE24 – Granite Broadcasting
Deborah Lang
Jason and Alexandria Lenzinger
Julia Lopez from Antonia Torres
LSA Associates, Inc.
Michael W. Lynch, M.D.
Robert and Joanne Mueller
Marianne Ninos, Ph.D.
The Ron and Kathi O’Rourke Family
Pet Extreme, Clovis
Chris and Jill Plaunt
Precision Civil Engineering
Leah Press and Scott Ahles and Jake and Cammie Ahles
Resource Lenders
Rex Moore Electrical Contracting
Michael and Karen Sahakian/Aqua Sports
Kenneth W. Savage, CPA
7-Eleven – Fresno, Clovis, Madera & Visalia
Sierra Endocrine Associates
Dick and Heather Smith – Dick Smith Bail Bonds
John and Annette Smurr, Attorneys at Law
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Swinehart
VRPA Technologies


Former Steinhart Aquarium Penguin Exhibit Window

Arnold and Dianne Gazarian


Kyle’s Kids Fund

Janene Armas
Karim and Poncho Baker in memory of Erik Hendrickson
Brad K. Barker
Charlette G. Barker
Nan Owensby Barker
Karen and Herman Baretto
Silvia Barnard in memory of Erik Hendrickson
Robert and Carey Berend
Wes, Carolyn and Vince Bjorlin in memory of Erik Hendrickson
Megan and Ron Bohigian in memory of Scott McCloskey and Kyle Runciman
Michael and Sandra DeCarli
Fred and Diana Dille in memory of Erik Hendrickson
Karen Dulik and Jason Plemons
Edison High School Swim and Water Polo Teams
Roy and Lydia Eichner in memory of Erik Hendrickson
Robert and Betty Endicott in memory of Erik Hendrickson
M. and E. Eng in memory of Erik Hendrickson
Fairmont Private School of Fresno, Inc.
Cynthia Farnsworth
Merle and Audry Hanson in memory of Eileen McCloskey
Cliff and Gladys Hawkins in memory of Eileen McCloskey
Irene Ann Heetebry in memory of Erik Hendrickson
Henry and Janice Hein in memory of Erik Hendrickson
Susan H. Hendrickson
Wesley Hendrickson
Hope Lutheran Sunday School
Laura Jacobson and Family in memory of Erik Hendrickson
Peggy Jacobson in memory of Erik Hendrickson
Robert and Susan James
Eric Jensen in memory of Scott McCloskey
Nancy Lastreto
Anne Rose Lee
Douglas and Shari Lee in memory of Erik Hendrickson
Liberty Elementary School Campus Club
Sandra Loehner and Richard Moore
Monica Lourido-Ali and Irfan Ali
Jesse Maddox
Sherman Mah
Vera Martinez in memory of Erik Hendrickson
Ann Mauk in memory of Scott McCloskey
Lisa and Joe Mauk in memory of Scott McCloskey
Donna and Scott McCloskey
Donna McCloskey & Family in memory of Scott McCloskey
Laurie McCloskey
Robert and Eileen McCloskey
Susan Kay McCloskey
Robert and Barbara Myers
Jim and Jill Nakamura
Wynne Nord in memory of Erik Hendrickson
Mary O’Stroup
Kenneth and Peggy Papi
Melanie Phillips
Lisa and Jon Piatt
Herald and Patricia Piper in memory of Erik Hendrickson
Ursula Pittenger
Dan and Yvonne Pollard
Janna Pollard
Cynthia and Joshua Purves
Jenny Remple and Jean Linder
Lorna and Ferdinand Romero in memory of Erik Hendrickson
Jere Runciman
Jere Runciman in memory of Erik Hendrickson
Georgene Sabbatini
St. Agnes RT’s
Charles W. Smith
Helen Smith in memory of Erik Hendrickson
Terry and Susan Story
Astrid and Hossein Tabatabai
Linda and Ed Thompson in memory of Erik Hendrickson
Anita Ullner
Gayle West in memory of Erik Hendrickson
John and Nancy Wright
Jon White
Diane Yocum
and all the teachers, students, family and friends of
Kyle Runciman from Manchester Gate and Edison High


Dick Smith Memorial Fund

Aqua Sports
Bruce and Marci Cambern
Caswell, Bell & Hillison
Kenneth and Argilia Christiansen
Citizens Police Academy Alumni Assn.
Ailene Dalby
Paula and Jerry DeYoung
Law Offices of Katherine Donovan
Marvin Fillmore
Fresno Police Officers Assn.
Eric Green, Attorney at Law
Mike and Diane Hayes
C. J. Heaton
Cherie and Eric Jensen
Ron and Janet King
Monte N. Lauritzen
Glenn Lostracco, Attorney at Law
Don McCloskey
Roger T. Nuttall
Lisa Nyberg
Jim and Linda Parnagian
PG&E Dispatchers
Myron and Kris Ann Pietruszewiski
Will and Lois Poole
Heather Smith
Viper Club of America – Central California Region

$1000 Patron Level

Lu and Dick Caglia
Alexis and Bradley Dowell
The Bertha and John Garabedian Charitable Foundation
Debbie Hartman
Roy and Betty Jura
Christopher Kisling – Fresno Fab-Tech, Inc
Deborah McCann
Namakan West Fisheries
John Shafer – Whitie’s Pets
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Swinehart
Ted and Deedee Taylor


$500 Contributor Level

Elizabeth Allen
Lynette and Pat Brietigam
California Industrial Rubber Co. – Larry Cain
Vivienne Collins
Ralph Durant – in memory of Ruby Skov Wyllie
Carmen A. and Rose Marie Eanni
Arnold and Dianne Gazarian
Guarantee Good Will Network
Steven and Stephannie Kentros
Frank and Margaret Lang
Mauldin-Dorfmeier Construction
Sheryl McConnell
Miles, Sears & Eanni
Nathan and Francesca Negri
Irene Nielsen-Sudaria – Curves for Women
Rex Moore Electrical Contracting – John Abele
Mary Ann Scrivner
John and Shelly Shamshoian – Realty Concepts
Smith Barney, Inc. – Raye Grant, CFP
Ricci Storelli
Mark Turmon – Sierra Valley Almonds
Wiegand Family
Jeff Wynkoop
Richard Yrulegui


$250 Donor Level

David and Amy Babb
Frank and Barbara Bigelow
Gerald H. Blum
John Blumer
Larry Cain
Central Valley Lioness Lions Club
Mr. and Mrs. David Crow
Tom Downing
John Fahrney
Ray and Vicki Flores
Sylvia Gonzalez
Robert Graham, M.D.
Geoffrey and Valerie Greene
Sharon Grier
Charles and Linda Heinbach
Forrest Helmick
Ida Vee and W. Dean Helmick
Ken and Nancy Hendrix
Amanda Holder
Joseph and Tina Johnson
Mark and Dori Jones
Norm and Pam Kizirian
Kevin M. Louie
Norma Mastin
Ken and Carol Maul
Gene and Marilyn Mora
Ron and Kathi O’Rourke
Chris Ramirez and Martha Arteaga
Vern and Cecilia Rohme
Don and Dee Dee Scordino
St. Agnes Medical Center Foundation
Richie Shehadey
Heather Smith
Jeff Suglian
Melinda Vennard
Patricia and Alison Walker
Keith and Denise Walsh
Bryon and Dianne Youngblood


$100 Member Level

Ken Abrahamian
Lisa Adams
Robert, Connie and Sandra Acuña
Jessica Allen
Shandon Allen
Greg Ambro
Juli Amodei
Greg Anderson
Steven and Elayne Aoki
In memory of Matthew, Sara & Cody
Armstrong & Kacie Kusalich
Karen Askins
Cheryl and Farid Assemi
Alan Atamian
Gary and Alexis Bagdasarian
Catherine Balbas
Norm Banks
Paula Baraldi
Dr. Dave and Marilyn Barber
Beverlee Bargamian
Amy, Charlie and Marcus Barile
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Barnd
Stephen and Lisa Bennett
Anne Betancourt
in memory of Raul Betancourt
Patricia G. Birkle – Melaleuca, Inc.
Donna and Joseph Blohm
Linda and Michael L. Bloom, Sr.
Tom and Vallorie Borchardt
Frank and Mary Borges
Al Boutte
J.H. Boyd Enterprises, Inc.
Richard and Delores Bugg
Kirkus and Marianne Burks – Kirkus Steam Cleaning
Mike Bustamante Photography
F.S. Caglia
Richard M. Caglia, II
Karen Cahill
John H. Caldwell, Jr.
Brian and Elaine Calhoun
Marci Cambern
Daniel Card
Lloyd Carter
Dennis and Trina Carroll
Nora Ceballos
Central California Independent Grocer’s Assn.
Frank Chang, M.D.
Andra Christenson
Carrie Christman
Beverly Cho
Irene I. Clements
In memory of Frank Clifton, Jr.
Karen Coe
Keri G. Collins
Vivienne Collins
Marti Cook
Jean Correll
Robert Crispi
Karen Dadian
Lynda Daley
Av Daniels
Dennis and Laura Daugherty
Chad Davis
Caroline DeAnda
Cheryl Decker
Nicole Devol
Mary Ann Dews
Ted and Arpie Dick
Janie Doak
Ryan Doherty
In memory of Ralph M. Donahue
Tom and Judy Dorn
Leona Douthit
Win and Cindy Downing
Dr. and Mrs. Bill Duke
Ralph Durant
Cynthia Eayre
Thomas H. Edginton, CPA
Kathleen Rae Elia
Ray Ensher
Drs. Allen and Cindy Evans
Teri and Jim Farnesi
Don and Barbara Ferguson
Kim and Sharon Fernandez-Lopez
Michael and Nancy Ferraro
Bruce and Cathi Ferri
Fig Garden Golf Club
Robert J. Fletcher
Sean and Suzanne Ford
Benjamin and Diane Fregoso
Fresno Scuba Club
FMC Technologies
Friends of Richard Caglia
Brooke Frost
Peter Gabrielian – American Paper Converting
Phil and Ceci Gant
Lesley and Tony Gates
Garold Giersch
Joe, Denise, and Dimitri Glessner
Rick Gonzaliz
Raye Grant
Susan and Eric Gratz
Robert and Joanne Gravano
David Gromis, Esq.
Janet and Dan Grossnicklaus
Don and Josette Grouleff
Mark and Denise Groves
Mitchel and Jayne Grundbrecher
in memory of Jonathan Reina
Margaret, Davis and Melissa Guice
John Guilmette
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Haas
Cynthia Hager
Robert A. Hager
Robert L. Hager
Rick and Leslie Hawkins
Harold and Luana Marie Haynes
Irene Heetebry
Robin Hicks
David Hill and Dee Lacy
Robert J. Hixson, Jr.
Michael Hoffman
Hazel Hofman
Violet Homan
Avak and Barbara Howsepian
Jacalyn and Shaun Howitt
James Huggins
Joseph and Angela Iapichino
Jim and Judy Irvine
Carol Istvanick
Rodger B. Jensen
Marti Johnson
Harry and Judy Johnson
Ron and Judy Johnson
Terri Johnson
Keith and Mary Jura
R. Scott and Linda Jura
Marylen Karsted
Ron and Janet King
Cheryl Kinoshita
Gordon T. Knott
Patricia Kourafas
Victor Kral
Jeffery F. Krause
Mr. and Mrs. Sam U. Lane
Peggy Lang
Thomas and Rosemary Lang
Bob Larsen
Phil and Joyce Larson
Martha Lawless
Richard and Mickie Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lenihan
Robert F., Jr. and Ruby Anne Lewis
Brenda and David Lieder
David and Karen Lima
John O. Linzmeier, Jr.
Fran and Bryan Long
Kathleen M. Lopes
Cynthia L. Lough
Julie and Rich Lucido
Monte and Linda Lung and Anna, Suzanne and Megan
Michael Lynch, M.D.
Madera High Twelve Club #646
Shirley A. Main
James and Kristi Mattes
Mike and Stacy McCloskey
Colleen K. McFerrin
Peter and Kitty McManus
Bert and Norma McSwain
Theodora and Themis Michailides and Family
Mary J. Morgan
Kevin Moseley
R. Bruce and Deborah Murray
Bob and Barbara Myers
Steve and Vaune Newvine
Maggie Nicacio
Karla Nichols
Karen Nishimura
Mike O’Hara
Loida Delgado Olivas
Steve and Patti Parks
Ida Parrott – University Bookstore
Skip Patterson
Gary and Kata Patton
William Peargin
Sue Pena
Players Smoked BBQ
Richard G. Polson
Diana Powell
Leah Press and Scott Ahles
Wendy Radford
Jim and Dollie Ragsdale
Leonard and Hermelinda Ramirez
M. Carl Rana
Corbyn Raven
Paul Redditt and
Ana Paula Charondo Redditt
Susan L. Reif
Clinton Ressler
Teri Ann Ricchiuti
Jonathan Richter
Rudy M. Rios
Vanessa Rodriguez
Jere Runciman
Leroy and Julie Sabbatini
Linda Salwasser
Schalde Family
Margarete Schmidt and Mike Lozito
Melaney Shaum
David Shaw
Daniel and Debra Shay
Luanne Silkwood
Jeffrey and Diana Simon

Chris Simonian
Dr. Robin and Nancy Smit
Charles W. Smith
Curtis and Connie Smith – Smith Financial Group
George, Sharlane and Garrett Smith
Jeffrey and Kristine Smith
Nancy Smith
Dr. Patrick Smith
Robert and Kathleen Smith
Juli Solaegui
Tom and Amy Sparks
Kate Steele
Bill and Alexandria Stimpson
Debra and Robert Stimpson
Elizabeth Stimpson
L. Jean Stimpson
Terry G. Story and Cisco Mendez
Bill and Lisa Stradley and Family
Steven and JoEllen Strait
Ron Stumpf
Jeff Suglian
Michelle Sykes in honor of Hunter Sykes and Justim, Ethan, Hudson and Chase Rutherford
Timothy and Barbara Thiesen
Sue Thorton
Deborah and Kevin Toews
Paul Tosti
Triple X Fraternity
Ian Vandrick
Steve and Debra Vasquez
Lorrie Vezirian
Matilda Villafan
Steve and Debbie Vlaminck
Bob, Tina and Jenny Volanti
Nancy Volkoff
Lee Vue
Stacy Vuicich
Al and Claudia Wahlberg
Michael and Carol Walsh
Randy, Carrie & Austin Waltz
Melody Ward
Bob and Rosa Waterson
Janet and Rodney Weaver
V.J. Webb
Michael Weil Design
W.S. Whitehurst
John Whitmore
Rose Willems & Benjamin Camarena
Darren Williams – Technicon Engineering
Kevin Wingert, M.D.
Lora Misakian Winslow
Mike Withycombe
Eugene C. Wong
John and Lois Yakligian
Karen Yamamoto and Randolf Krbechek
The Kyle Yamamoto Family
Byron and Dianne Youngblood
Jim Zahn


Single Student Charter Members

Charlie Barile
Brian Leavitt
D’Artagnan Montrose
Kevin Moseley


Friends of the Fresno Aquarium

Other donations and in-kind contributors

A&E Poolcare
Joel Abels
Fernando Alejandre
Roy and Shirley Andersen in memory of Leona Douthit
Mary Ruth Avakian
Irene Boyajian in memory of Leona Douthit
Samuel L. Burklow, M.D.
in memory of Karen Coe
David and Shirley Carboni in memory of Leona Douthit
David J. Cavagnaro, M.D.
Central California Sleep Center
Robert and Christine Cherry
Hanne and John Christiansen
Steven H. Chooljian, M.D.
Mike and Karen Cobb
Katharine Crawley
Jerrie Cruess
Jeffrey A. Dahl
George and Alta Davis in memory of Leona Douthit
Mike and Robin Debenedetto
Erica M. Derksen
Stephen J. and Janie J. Doak
Brad and Alexis Dowell in memory of Leona Douthit
Thomas Eliason, M.D.
Rey and Ligaya Elizondo
Fig Garden Woman’s Club
Hank Finkle, Esq
Mrs. Nicole Fontanilla
Sonny Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Gates
Laura Godinez
Thomas E. Griffin, M.D.
Donald and Julia Grimes in memory of Leona Douthit
Leith Hansen, Esq. by Karen L. Lynch
Harold Hunnicutt
Gail and Chapman Jones
Linda Knapp
Karin Kos
Victor E. Kral
Loreto and Hugh Levine
Shirley Main in memory of Leona Douthit
Mario Manriquez and Rochelle Lopez
Eleanor J. Marek
Lynette Martin
Elizabeth A. Martinez
Eric Maul
Janet Mehl in memory of Leona Marie Douthit
A. Paul Mello, M.D.
Robert Mignacca, M.D.
Virla Neithinger
George Nikolich
Arlene and Melvin Oloughlin in memory of Leona Douthit
Larry Osborne
William O. Owen, M.D.
Robert and Sandy Papazian
Bill Patterson
Dollie Ragsdale
Real-time Outsource
Peter Robertson
Dave Rodgers
Vicki Shaghoian
Richard and Devon Shehadey
James Sherman
Glenn Skankey
Beverly Smith in memory of Leona Douthit
Cathy Smith
Harrison Spencer
Tonya K. Strane
April and Ross Tate
Connie Thron
Julia Utley
Zhijun Weng and Sai Hong Chen
James and Mary Whitmer in memory of Leona Douthit
Ray and Joyce Whitaker
Wilburn Medical Supplies
Karen A. Williams
Modern Woodmen of America in memory of Leona Douthit
Minnie Yamamura in memory of Leona Douthit


Corporate/Business Partners

Donations, Sponsorships, donated goods and services are very much appreciated!!

A & M Carpet
a.a. Marthedal Company
Accident and Injury Center
Alan Atamian – Comic Impressionist
American Timeworks and Equipment Co.
American Ts
ANC Construction
Animall Gift Shop
Aqua Sports
Aquarius Aquarium, Inc.
Arcade Insulation
B & R Roofing
Bank of the West
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Bingo Bugle Newspaper
BJ’s Country Kitchen
BL Quality Meats
BMC West
Bohner Boat & Marine, Inc.
Boyett Petroleum
California Air National Guard
California Embroidery
Central Valley Casework
Chazmat Concrete Construction
Cheetah Bar
Chevy’s Restaurant
Chicago Title
City Cafe
Citizen’s Business Bank
Clawson Motorsports
Commercial Embroidery Systems
Constar Supply
Contech Concrete Techniques, Inc.
Costco – Fresno
CrU Wine Company
Dalena/Penrose Insurance
Deloitte & Touche
Derrel’s Mini Storage, Inc.
Design and Conquer
DiCicco’s Restaurant
Dixon & Associates
Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream
E.L. Wills
Educational Employees Credit Union
Edwards Theater Corp.
errortype2 – Seattle, Washington
Fig Garden Golf Club
FMC Technologies, Inc
Fresno Ag Hardware
The Fresno Bee
Fresno Chiropractic & Rehab
Fresno Fab Tech
Fresno Falcons
Fresno Frenzy Arena Football
Fresno Grizzlies Baseball Club
Fresno Philharmonic
Fresno Pump & Supply
John Frost, AIA
Fuzio Universal Pasta
Gaddy-Ward Insurance Agency
Glacier Refrigeration
Global Map Store
Gold’s Gym – Madera
Good Company Players
Harley-Davidson/Buell of Fresno
Hayward Pool Products
Hertz Equipment Rental
Holt Lumber, Inc.
Infinity Broadcasting
Ivy Crest
Jamba Juice
Jan Suz Hand-Painted Clothing
JC Jackson
J.M. Equipment Co., Inc.
Jones Cleaning Center
KH Construction
KenAndy Designs
Kinkos River Park
KSEE 24 – Granite Broadcasting
Kroeker, Inc.
Lang, Richert & Patch
Madera Ford-Mercury
Madera Muncipal Golf Course
Manhatten Steakhouse & Bar
Margaret Hudson’s Earth Arts Studio
Monster Cable
Netafim USA
Nolte Sheet Metal, Inc.
Nonini Winery
Norbert W. Larsen, Ph.D.
Northridge Equipment Company
Oceanic Worldwide
Paige One Auto Care
Pet Extreme
PG&E Campaign for the Community
Primavera Italian Restaurant
Printer Services
Progressive Printing – Dick Rolph
R.J. Hatler Construction, Inc.
Randy Thompson Painting
Red Lobster – Fresno & Visalia
Renegade Classics
Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater
Ro’s Precise Painting
Rubio’s Restaurants, Inc.
Sam’s Club
Sam’s Equipment & Supplies
Save Mart Supermarket #99
Shields Design
Sierra Valley Almonds
Sports Authority
Sports Station
Stefanelli Distributing
Superior Hardware
Tarlton & Son, Inc.
Technicon Engineering Services, Inc.
The Elbow Room
The Ken Kennedy Band
The Pines Resort
The Twining Labs
Tidrick Tile, Inc.
Tony Roma’s
Valley Express Inc.
Valley Pistachio
Valley Unique Electric
VRPA Technologies
Warner Company Jewelers
White Cap Industries
Whities Pets
Wild Water Adventures
Work Of Art
Xpedx Paper
Young at Art