Tax-deductible donations made from this page go to continuing the construction of the educational Fresno Aquarium for the benefit of the entire San Joaquin Valley. Won’t you chip in $5, $10, $25 or more? We need everyone to make a donation in any amount or become an Annual Charter Member today. We’ve made significant progress already and every new donation brings us that much closer to completion!


What the Fresno Aquarium means to the community:

  • Major Regional Tourism Destination
  • Educational Resource for Students of all ages
  • Employment Opportunities for our Valley
  • Beautification of the Highway 99 Corridor
  • Amenity to Attract & Retain a Quality Workforce
  • Exciting Venue for Business & Family Events
  • Model for Alternative Energy & Water Conservation
  • Entertainment & Recreational Center

Aquarius Aquarium Institute is a 501(c)(3) public charity supported by grants and contributions from individuals, corporate sponsorships, charitable foundations and government sources. Updated Contributor Listing

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If you prefer, we would be delighted to take your donation by phone: (559) 490-3474


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