Dr. Bruce Carlson, retired Science Officer and one of the first team members hired to design and build the Georgia Aquarium detailed the incredible journey from Bernie Marcus’ vision to the reality of the world’s then-largest aquarium.

Photo credit: Skip Attix, Reefkeeping.com

Eric H. Borneman, well-known aquarium author and coral ecologist, traveled to Fresno to present an informative PowerPoint and talk about the current state of the ocean’s coral reefs, especially in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

He also shared his experience as part of an innovative coral spawning program. His appearance was well-attended and highly informative.

Walt and Deborah Smith, world-renowned fish and coral exporters from Fiji came to Fresno and Walt presented a collector’s point of view on the sustainability of harvesting marine life from the reefs.

Walt gave Aquarius Aquarium Institute members, students and attendees from the general public some interesting perspectives on the vastness of the oceans and the tropical South Pacific locations where many of the marine fish and coral exhibited in U.S. and the world’s public Aquariums are sourced.