Big Fresno Fair AAI

Living Sea Creatures at the Big Fresno Fair

Big Fresno Fair AAI

The nonprofit Aquarius Aquarium Institute is thankful for the ongoing support of Aqua Sports dive shop in Fresno as owner Mike Sahakian once again shares half of his booth space with our organization. Our large 125 gallon tide pool aquarium, made from 1.5 inch thick acrylic to allow for a fully open top, lets fairgoers touch some of our living California tide pool animals and feel the cold 55-degree saltwater that simulates our coastal environment.

The animals are our ambassadors at the fair and their presence makes people pause just long enough for our volunteers to explain about our current educational programs as well as the progress we are making in building the Fresno Aquarium. Volunteers include people from our community and student members of the Tri-Beta Biology Club at Fresno State.

If you would like to volunteer for our booth at the Fair (and receive a free admission pass!), please contact us. The Fair runs this year from October 3 – 14.