Events engage & inform our supporters

Events such as our approaching Charter Member Holiday Party are designed as opportunities for Aquarius Aquarium Institute supporters to learn more about our organization’s plans, programs and progress.

While we have a lot of fun at our events, it is not so much about the party as it is about the networking that occurs at these gatherings.

It is only by listening to thoughts and ideas from our friends and donors that we can continue the process of creating what is important to all of us and inspiring people to support our mission. Issues that are priorities for some people are not as big of a deal to others – and that’s fine. We make a real effort to incorporate as many perspectives as possible into our decision-making so the end result is satisfied people all around.

The most successful organizations listen to their constituents and we want to emulate these groups. For this to work well, it is important to meet face-to-face, which is why we want you to come to one or more of our events in the coming year.

Our goal at our events is to hear what you have to say as well as update everyone on where the Institute’s programs and our Fresno Aquarium project stand today and what our vision is for the future. It is our view that this vision should parallel the wishes of our supporters and this is why we’re constantly seeking to refine what we are doing to make sure this is happening.

Now that I have made our real motives clear – LET’S PARTY!!!!