Spring is busy indeed!

As the school year winds down, the calls come pouring into the Institute phones. We always try to accomodate last minute requests for our school programs, but all too often we have to tell the teachers or parents that we are unfortunately totally booked during the month of May.

Sometimes things can get a bit confusing in all the rush – like when we are going to two different schools with the same name in different towns. “Hello,” said a recent caller, “I’m calling from Roosevelt School and we have you coming out for our classes next week.” We then have to ask whether this is the Roosevelt School in Kingsburg or Hanford because we are going out to both in the same week!

The need for educational programs like the Institute provides is great in our San Joaquin Valley. We reach many, many children who have never been out of their own town, let alone to the coast or to an Aquarium. We teach about issues important to our Valley and our entire world such as water conservation, pollution and personal responsibility in a fun and meaningful program designed to reinforce what our schools are teaching.

We appreciate all of our Charter Members, sponsors and supporters who make our educational programs possible. As we continue to work toward building the Fresno Aquarium, we never want to lose sight of why we are doing so. The physical structure will enhance our ability to deliver on our promise to our Valley to educate our inland population about our aquatic world and the lifeblood of this region and our planet – water.