L’Aquàrium de Barcelona - Photo: Peter Lang

2014 Western Mediterranean Aquarium Cruise

By Tom and Aletha Lang

L’Aquàrium de Barcelona - Photo: Peter Lang
L’Aquàrium de Barcelona – Photo: Peter Lang

In planning our 3rd Aquarius Aquarium Institute fundraiser cruise for May 2014, we listened to our previous cruise participants when we were deciding where to go on our next cruise and what activities would be the most popular. We looked at where Royal Caribbean (our favorite cruise line) was moving its ships and what new itineraries they were going to come up with as we were hoping to visit the Mediterranean and the great European Public Aquariums that interpret that sea.

On our last cruise, you may recall that we led a behind-the-scenes tour of the Aquarium at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas, before embarking on our Western Caribbean adventure. This tour proved to be very enjoyable for many of our guests. So, for our upcoming sojourn, we plan to visit not one, but three world-class Aquariums in Barcelona, Montpellier and Monaco. All three of these facilities have great stories to tell from their various perspectives.

What is it that draws people to Aquariums? Is the uniqueness of each exhibit, the mystery of the aquatic animals themselves or the technical achievements that enable these institutions to immerse the visitor in marvelous re-creations of the Earth’s watery habitats? After all, most people will never snorkel or scuba dive, so animals living beneath the surface of our ocean, rivers and lakes remain unknown for the vast majority of Aquarium visitors.

It is also a marvel for the public to see how the animals are cared for in captivity through the daily efforts Aquarium staff who provide for the animal’s most basic needs with appropriate food, water quality and professional care. Cruise DinnerWe will lead our guests through each of these Aquariums, recapping our visits each night at dinner on the spectacular Liberty of the Seas, and spend the second half of our voyage exploring the beautiful Italian cities of Florence, Rome and Naples.

In our view, this is our best cruise yet and promises the best of the Mediterranean Aquariums and the romance and history of Italia!