Fireworks Stand

4th of July Fireworks Booth

Once again, Aquarius Aquarium Institute volunteers braved the blazing heat to staff our annual Kyle’s Kids fireworks stand. But selling over $10,000 worth of safe and sane fireworks for 4th of July celebrations is just one part of this effort. Another reason the Institute operates the stand in front of the Dante Club is that it enables us to reach our future Fresno Aquarium neighborhood with information about our Aquarium plans and the Kyle’s Kids Adventure Area that is an important component of our project.

Reaching kids by providing educational adventures is what Kyle’s Kids is all about. Kyle himself loved adventure and it is in this spirit that we are designing interactive exhibits and experiential learning opportunities within the future Fresno Aquarium.

The money raised from the fireworks stand each year is dedicated to bringing the Aquarium to Fresno with a focus on the importance of touching our youth in meaningful ways. Making learning fun is how we can lower our dropout rate and give the next generation a passion for lifelong exploration. Kyle had this passion and would have loved the idea of setting off fireworks to celebrate it!