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Steinhart Aquarium donates tanks to Fresno

As founders of the Aquarius Aquarium Institute, my wife Aletha and I have been laying the groundwork over the last couple of years for the donation of a number of very large aquarium exhibits from one of the oldest and most prestigious Aquariums in the world – the Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco, an important part of the California Academy of Sciences.

Beginning 5 years ago, Aletha and I visited the Steinhart and were given a behind-the-scenes tour of the former building in Golden Gate Park by then director John McCosker. He was very interested in our plans for Fresno’s Aquarium and pledged support in any way possible. In December 2007, the Steinhart’s new director, Chris Andrews, reinforced the Academy’s support of the Institute with a presentation of the Steinhart’s plans here in Fresno (Clovis, actually) as one of our Marine Life Presentation series.

Fast forward to 2008 and a brand-new Academy and Steinhart Aquarium have just opened in Golden Gate Park and the temporary exhibit for the fish collection on Howard Street has closed. The tanks that were housing the collection are now empty and rather than go to a landfill, a group of volunteers from the Institute will be loading them onto big-rig trucks generously donated by Wildwood Express and Cerutti & Sons which will transport them to Fresno.

Be sure to check back here to follow the exciting progress!

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  1. I saw you guys in the newspaper and, i just wanted to say, “Congratulations on how much you’ve accomplished so far.”

  2. Thanks zero99 – we still have work to do, but the project is definitely moving forward!

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