Steinhart Exhibits

Steinhart exhibit tanks moved to Fresno

A team of volunteers from the Central Valley, headed up by Ken Hendrix, traveled to San Francisco to remove the 12 largest aquarium exhibits and tons of associated equipment from the Steinhart Aquarium’s 5-year temporary space on Howard Street for transport to Fresno.

Load of tank pieces behind Steinhart Aquarium's temporary Howard Street location ready for transport to Fresno. Photo: Peter Lang

The largest, about 20 feet in diameter, holds approximately 14,000 gallons of water and one, the Steinhart’s former penguin exhibit, has a 3-inch thick acrylic window measuring nearly 15 x 8 feet weighing in at approximately 2,000 lbs! Some of the other exhibit tanks relocated include a 7,800 gallon tank, a 3,600 gallon tank, three 2,000 gallon tanks, a 718 gallon acrylic tank, two 11 foot long triangular tanks and a 1,450 gallon former piranha tank.

These tanks will make great homes for the aquatic animals we will be acquiring for Fresno’s future Aquarium!

Here are more photos:

The remaining pieces of the penguin exhibit are ready for transport.

Here is the gantry system that was used to remove and lift the 15′x8′ former penguin exhibit viewing window…

We had to remove two doors from the Academy’s entrance to get the penguin window out!!!

Thank you to all of our volunteers, donors and in-kind contributors who made this move possible!

Arnold and Dianne Gazarian – $7500 donation for former penguin exhibit window removal & transport

David Babb

Cerutti & Sons Transportation Co. – Fresno

Fresno Tractor

Caleb Haus

Ken Hendrix

Peter Lang

Ben Owen

Chris Ramirez

Wildwood Express Trucking – Kingsburg

Weldon Williams

and all our Charter Members & 2008 year-end donors! Become a Charter Member of Aquarius Aquarium Institute today

and help support the construction of the building to house these exhibits!