Steinhart Exhibits

Penguin Window Arrives in Fresno

Penguin window lifted from truck with crane
Photos: Aletha Lang

After trying to figure out how on earth we were going to unload and store the huge 15 x 8 foot acrylic aquarium window we had shipped from the Steinhart Aquarium courtesy of our donors Arnold and Dianne Gazarian, Steve Salcedo and the folks at San Joaquin Glass came to the rescue and used their crane, straps and professional expertise to lift the window from the transport truck and carry it into their facility for storage. There were some tense moments as the straps strained with the tremendous weight, but the operation went off without a hitch.

The former penguin window is carried away to storage

When we are ready to use this beautiful window in our new Aquarium, we are confident it will be in great shape and able to once again provide a glimpse into an exciting aquatic habitat to the delight of our visitors.

Thanks to the Salcedo family and all the people at San Joaquin Glass!